Media Coverage

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3-min TV programme on Wallace’s tarsier (2011, in German)


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aired on ZDF (“ZDF.umwelt”), 2011-05-22


25-s TV news on Wallace’s tarsier (2010, in German)


watch here (mpg)


aired on HR (“Hessenschau”), 2010-11-23


4-min TV programme (2009, in German)


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or here  (wmv, low-res)


aired on HR (“maintower”), 2009-09-03


6-min TV programme (2006, in German, Reinhard Filmproduktion)


watch here      (choose "Koboldmakis" --> then “play video”)


aired on MDR ("echt!"), 2006-09-26

aired on MDR ("echt!"), 2008-03-18


aired on 3sat ("nano"), 2006-11-24
(reruns on BRalpha, MDR, RBB, SF1, SWR & WDR)


aired on Deutsche Welle-TV ("Projekt Zukunft"), 2008-07-06




Radio Energy, Interview 2010, 2010-11-24


Hochschulradio Stuttgart, Interview 2009, 2009-06-24


Internet, Press releases (selected)


Too many responses to Tarsius wallacei to link (Nov & Dec 2010), here are some older ones:


Informationsdienst Wissenschaft 2009


DW-World 2009


Universität Mainz 2009, 2009 (sites closed)


Newspapers / Magazines


(due to copyright mostly linked to online versions of articles)


GEO-Magazin 2016


Bild der Wissenschaft 2011


Tagesspiegel Berlin 2011


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2010


Frankfurter Rundschau 2010


Süddeutsche Zeitung 2010




BILD 2010


Kinder-Echo 2010


JOGU - Das Hochschulmagazin 2009


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2009


Tier International 2009


BBC Wildlife Magazine 2006


New Scientist 2006


Thüringer Allgemeine 2006


Neue Westfälische (Höxter) 2006


Neue Westfälische (Paderborn) 2006


Westfalen-Blatt (Höxter) 2006


Westfalen-Blatt (Paderborn) 2006


Blick (Switzerland) 2005


Thüringer Allgemeine 2002